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Kimber Cottam is a Fine Arts student currently attending Dixie State University. Kimber is a hardworking member of the fine arts community. During her first year at Dixie, Kimber became the Art Department work study and has kept that title ever since. Additionally, Kimber has worked hard to keep DSU’s student body involved in art shows and events. With the help of students and faculty, Kimber started up DSU’s Art Club. She is now the president of the DSU Art Club and works to keep her fellow students involved in the thriving art community of St. George. 
Entering into competitions and shows at a young age, Kimber was always interested in the vast varieties of the art world. It soon became apparent, however, that sculpture was her calling. Honing in on her capabilities, Kimber began to enter into highschool art competitions with a passion. As she participated and won various competitions, her passion for the arts was increasingly fueled. Graduating from highschool in 2017, Kimber was awarded an art scholarship for DSU. It was then at DSU, more opportunities began to open up for her. Staying on track with her academic and artistic goals, Kimber will be graduating in Spring of 2021 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and an additional achievement in completing DSU’s Honors program.

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